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22 March 2004 @ 10:50 am
a movie weekend  
After some comedy snafu driving around Columbia (how I loathe it so,) hit the new AMC there to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Probably the second-best movie I've seen this year. The science-fiction is handled perfectly (plot device, not flashy or even the point of it all) and the acting is first-rate. Look for a nomination for Carrey next year, maybe one for Winslet too. Go see it, thank me later.

[As for the new AMC Columbia theater, it's OK. Parking, I can see being a problem, with the mall there and all. I'm not a big fan of the interior or the layout. The theaters themselves are nice (big angle-stadium seats, dark red walls, etc.) *except* I am pretty sure the screen is curved, which bugs me to no end. Muvico still owns.]

Anyways. Borrowed The School of Rock on DVD from Operative X, and I admit, the movie is a treat. Jack Black is pretty damn smooth. The kids are randomly awesome, and not one of them was annoying. Oh, and the music is rockin' like Dokken. Very cute. But where's the solo for the bass? Denied!

Also watched B. Monkey as the cable description was interesting. However, it also lied. But the movie was decent nonetheless, the story of a criminal trying to set her life straight and get out of her life of crime when she falls for a school teacher. However, it's more of a drama of her dealing with it than an action movie of them trying to kill her. And being British, it's all British people. So, not what I expected, but enjoyable. Lots of C-list "that guy" names in there too.

Oh, and you might see a listing for a movie called Tall Tale, done by Disney in 1995. And reading the description, you might think it'd be funny, since it's like a life-action American legends/League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thing. Patrick Swayze as Pecos Bill, teaming up with Oliver Platt at Paul Bunyan and Nick "Carnivale" Stahl as the annoying kid (he looks about 13) and others, plus some amusing cameos (Scott Glen! Catherine O'Hara!) However, the movie is actually pretty bad. I think with a few drinks it might be watchable, but I am not sure I want to risk it.

New-ish trailers:
* Garden State - Yep, the Zack Braff movie. And the trailer looked *keen.*
* Around the World in 80 Days - with Jackie Chan as the faithful sidekick! Few Jules Verne novels can't be improved by kung fu fights. Definite 'maybe.'
* The Chronicles of Riddick - OK, I've seen this a bunch of times, but every time I see it, I ponder (usually very loudly) how they got from Pitch Black to *this* Dune-looking business. Oh Vin Diesel, how bright your future once looked.
* Saved! - No, see, it's a teen comedy at a Christian high school. Couldn't tell if they were playing up the Christian thing, or making fun of it. Might be worth it if it isn't too preachy in either direction.
* Door in the Floor - weighty Jeff Bridges drama, based on some book. Which would be fine, but when I read Kim Basinger and Mimi Rogers, I start wondering.

Movie links:
* Notes from the Hellboy panel at Wizard World, including Perlman doing Brando impersonations.
* New Dr. Who chosen. (Courtesy prehensile_wit)
* Heh, Fame Audit of Val Kilmer.
Kimmayalainnduil on March 22nd, 2004 08:43 am (UTC)
mephisto21 and myself saw Eternal Sunshine last night.

One of my more recent faves.
Super Karate Monkey Death Carfrecklefaerie on March 22nd, 2004 09:01 am (UTC)
Door in the Floor - weighty Jeff Bridges drama, based on some book. Which would be fine, but when I read Kim Basinger and Mimi Rogers, I start wondering.

That's based on A Widow for One Year, by John Irving, among my top 5 favorite books. When I heard it was being made into a movie, I cringed, but then when I found out that they only adapted the first half, Ik breathed a sigh of relief. It should be good. Basinger is a really good choice for the female lead, really.
Genethatwhichisgene on March 22nd, 2004 11:08 am (UTC)
Parking wasn't all that much of problems when we test drove the AMC for Dawn of the Dead, but I agree that it may be problematic at peak times.

The lobby layout is awful, a big, wide semi-circle with doors at either end, feeding into a single ticket-tearing station at the apex of the curve. Lots of milling ensued. Very inefficient.

The seats are great though. When a tall-ish guy like me can rest his head comfortably on the seats headrest without slumping down into the chair, that's plush.
MsTeleutemsteleute on March 22nd, 2004 03:03 pm (UTC)
I didn't realize that 28 days later guy was in the running! Awesome!!
I would watch "Tall Tale". On what channel was it playing?
PMMJ: It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!cheetahmaster on March 23rd, 2004 07:04 am (UTC)
I *think* it was HBO family.