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"This March, Douglas Brinkley reports in "The New Yorker" story, the New York "Observer" (see below) noted that George W. Bush, then 28, attended Hunter S. Thompson's 1974 Super Bowl party in Houston, and, since then, folks have asked Thompson for details.

Here's part of what he told Brinkley: "I can't be expected to remember what every drug-addled yuppie hanger-oner who wanted to get close to me during a football game twenty-five years ago digested. There were so many dope fiends milling about, I don't remember what some Yalie named Bush, whose father was a factotum in the Nixon Administration, was doing. But he strikes me as the sort of person I would have thrown out of the room. A rich, beer-drunk yahoo with a big allowance who passes out in your bathtup... I don't want to become the Deep Drug Throat... I won't do it."
--Politex, 5/20/00

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