PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was an impressively large dinner at Sullivan's. Place was packed, so going for a table for 14-15 may not have been out best idea. I got to chat a little with people, though, so it was fun.

Tuesday, dinner with Operative X, followed by Starsky & Hutch. The movie is cute, but not all that. Owen Wilson & Ben Stiller have a fine career playing themselves in movies, they just tend to luck out and get roles where that works. Like this one.

New(ish) trailers seen:
* The Whole Ten Yards - A-nope.
* Envy - Hadn't heard of this before. Finally, someone teamed up Jack Black and... Barry Levinson.
* Soul Plane - maybe it was the beer, but this made me snicker.
* The Ladykillers - Just can't wait.

Most annoying fanfic words (courtesy Callico.)

Hmmm, seems David Boreanaz isn't too broken up over Angel being canceled.

Wizkids has a new game coming out: Pirates of the Spanish Main. Dunno about this one... (Courtesy Magistrate.)

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