PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Saturday night caught Secret Window at Muvico. Pretty decent, standard Stephen King fare, some good acting, and well crafted. Missing a certain something, though, I vote it a rental. The Johnny Depp fangirl club was definitely in attendance as well.

Before it, trailers.
* 13 Going on 30 - ye-ah, wrong crowd there, Susie.
* Teaser trailer for The Stepford Wives, interesting. And yep, different from the original.
* New, longer trailer for Troy, and this one got the audience going. Though, if Eric Bana doesn't hulk out at least once, I will be sad. Let me also say, this might be a good role for Brad Pitt too. I had my doubt before.
* Again, the trailer for The Village got people talking.
* Updated Van Helsing trailer, verdict remains the same.
* The Hellboy trailer looks so much better on the big screen.

During the day, we also watched K-19: the Widowmaker. Didn't impress me at all. How can you have a submarine movie without depth charges? Also, without dramatic tension? Definite pass here.
Tags: movies

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