PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Barney Frank has ideas on how to fix 'a private economy geared to producing wealth, not jobs.'

Republicans worried Bush's screwups might hurt reelection chances. Gee, and here I was just worried that his screwups are screwing up the nation.

Nicholas Kristof looks into 117 deaths per day.

* Iran freezes nuclear inspections.
* What Haiti's volatile state means for everyday life on the street.
* Determining a legal definition of retardation for death penalty cases. (Courtesy Operative X.)
* Justice department wants more access to wiretap the interweb.
* WP editorial on espionage and the public perception.
More insight into the world of espionage analysis.
* Latin America and the word "terrorist."
* Oooh, I like that Kerry wanted monthly debates with Bush. That would have ruled.
* Thomas Friedman sees links between globalization, outsourcing... and terrorism.
* Maureen Dowd wants Bush to take some responsibility also.
* BBC asks: who is to blame over obesity?
* The Pentagon's robot race ends without a winner.
* OK, how about a video game version of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, but set in the future, based off artwork by Moebius?

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