PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This just in: Gary Oldman has signed on to the new Batman movie, to play one Lieutenant James Gordon, a detective on the Gotham police force.

Oh, and: the hot new Millar comic Wanted has been picked up for a movie. Now, I know, I know, doesn't mean much yet, but still. Considering the comic is on, oh, it's *second issue,* that's pretty hardcore. (It helps that the comic is, in fact, Damn Good.)

Now, to cover my Thursday, a failed movie viewing and trailers, read on...

See, I had something to do Thursday night. Decided I wasn't up for it this week. Then Thursday ended up double-booked with two *other* plans. First one fell through, cool. Then a literal comedy of errors between cell-phones and e-mails led to the other one being postponed. Meaning, I went from one plan, to no plans, to two plans, to no plans again. Huh.

Anyways. RQ has been itching to see some Hobbit movie again before it leaves theaters, so we pack up the bebe, get a decent dinner at Johnny Rockets (my new love: their orangesicle milkshakes. Mmmmm.) The movie wasn't as good idea as we thought. The *plan* was, since the bebe hadn't napped all day, she'd fall asleep in the theater, and we'd have to miss bits of the film when she was being cranky/fidgety, but hey, had already seen the movie twice or so.

Naturally, bebe didn't sleep at *all*, so both RQ and I got to see half the movie. I got to see most of the battle at Minias Tirith, though, and that's really what I like best. So, can't complain.

So, lots of time letting the bebe walk up and down the halls at Muvico, which provided some amusement itself. She kept wanting to walk into this weird evangelical meeting they were having in one of the party rooms, some sort of Christian recruiting drive to coincide with Gibson's Passion. Whatever dudes. However, bebe was very popular, and they didn't even try to chat me up, even though we wandered in like four times. Maybe it was the Punisher shirt I was wearing.

However, the funniest part of the night came later, when there was just the two of us and some other girl sitting in the hallway. Chatted with her a bit, turns out she was sitting out Gibson's Passion. I ask, too gory? She was like, no, you see, I cried when I watched Radio, so this was just too much.

Hee. Radio.

Anyways. Lots of trailers, but the only new one was for M. Night Shyamalan's The Village (definitely has my attention.) Harry Potter 3 trailer gets better every time I see it, too.

And while I have you all here, let me mention the new Hellboy commercials I've seen on TV. Lookin' good! But guys? Please try to make it look less like LXG, because that's a bad vibe to get near.

So, anything going on tonight? Heh. Lemme know.

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