PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Angel, "Shells"

Baby, you got reaaaaal gothy...

* "I thought the humans would have long died out by now." -Illyria
* Wesley trying to trick her to leave, keen.
* Ooooh, Angel and Spike plotting to 'break the rules,' nice.
* Harmony, you rule. And as the only girl left, you should be getting more screen time.
* You know, Amy Acker is kinda spooky as Illyria. I think it's because she doesn't blink, like, at all.
* I see. Based on her costume, Illyria was an extra from a bad scifi show.
* Yay Gunn making a Flash reference!
* Wait, was Harmony just being a sympathetic ear for Wesley? This show has some a long, weird way.
* Poor Lorne. I don't remember him being this broken up over Cordy.
* Ooooh, Gunn & "Dr. Frankenstein"... & Wes listening in.
* "Nothing from Wolfram & Hart is ever free, you know that." -Wesley
* I dig Gunn's fear of becoming what he was.
* 'Army of Doom' sounds cool.
* Aaiiee, Illyria remembers Wolfram & Hart!
* Also note only Harmony asks Gunn why.
* Dude, Wes has shot or threatened to shoot like five people in the past few episodes.
* Man, I already feel bad for Gunn, Lorne and Wes. Now I have to feel bad for Illyria too?
* Wait. This ending is weird. Oh lordy, Wes is offering to help her. Hee hee.
* And *that's* why they didn't have the sappy song at the end of Smallville. Wb was saving it for the end of Angel.

Illyria: My world is gone.
Wesley: Now you know how I feel.
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