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50 years ago today, Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery of the U.S. House of Representatives, wounding five congressmen.
Also, on this day in 1932, the infant son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh was kidnapped from the family home near Hopewell, NJ.

Pentagon weighs in on global warming.

Bush's doublespeak on 'sound science.'

The DC lead problem was known about for *ten years.*

* Israeli Supreme Court orders a stop to the wall.
* Iraqis agree to draft constitution, but not everyone is happy.
* Post Q&A on the Haiti situation, which you can compare to the BBC version.
* Putin names a new prime minister.
* Even more questions on Blair's pre-Iraq dossier.

* Maureen Dowd, on what the administration really wants out of the 9/11 commission.
* The Detroit terrorism trial is an embarrassing mess.
* The administration is moving in the right direction on land mines, but the new policy still falls short.
* Good read: Bob Herbert, on how we should not eschew that which makes us uncomfortable, and how the gay marriage issue is identical to the historical interracial marriage issue.
* Both sides of the gay marriage issue court the support of black churches.
* Meanwhile, White House putting together a summit on... pro sports drug use. Great!
* Terry Nichols to go back on trial.

* Word choice, very important for politics.
* A moment of clarity, from Edwards and from Kerry.

* More companies eager to get into the self-publishing book market.
* New report says the industry's pursuit of tough new laws to protect copyrighted materials from online piracy is bad for business and for the economy.

* It's true: we like pressing buttons. Even when they are placebos.
* Probe swings closer to Saturn.
* NASA reports a 'plague of problems' on the space station.
* Conspiracy theorists/gamers, get your wheels turning.

* William Safire takes on Gibson's Passion.
* Gigli sweeps the Razzies.
* Dissension at Disney.
* The NYTimes public editor, on two sides to how the story is written.

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