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01 March 2004 @ 08:35 am

Here's the list of Oscar winners, the NYTimes Oscars section and the section from the Post. Also, best picture evar.

Tom Shales called it a "boring sweep."

"Nippy out here in fantasyland, where underfed actress after underfed actress meanders down the red carpet and shows us her designer gooseflesh."
-Hank Stuever

Regent and Dona Quixote hosted a few people over at her place last night, and asides from a partially bad bebe, big fun was had.

My comments:
* Michael Moore cameo: funny! Also, only good part of the opening bit, which was about 43 minutes long, and not funny.
* Lord, how I am beginning to loathe Billy Crystal. Can't we get Jon Stewart to host?
* Bob Hope retrospective: cool.
* You know, if you're not going to even tell us why these people won the scientific and technical awards, why bother showing them at all?
* Next year, I want Blake Edwards hosting.
* Michael Jeter died? Damnit.
* "Do you know people are moving to New Zealand just to be thanked?" -Billy Crystal
* Song from A Mighty Wind: rocked.
* Song from The Triplet of Bellville: ruled.
* Yep, big list of movies I need to see now.
* Will Ferrell and Jack Black: comedy gold.
* "We're so thankful that Lord of the Rings did not qualify in this category." -Denise Robert, producer, The Barbarian Invasions

I won't go into my win/loss record from last night, because really, I shouldn't have bet against Lord of the Rings so often. I will say, I think both Johnny Depp and Bill Murray got shafted, as did Lost in Translation in general.
rekoilrekoil on March 1st, 2004 05:56 am (UTC)
Lord, how I am beginning to loathe Billy Crystal. Can't we get Jon Stewart to host?

Agreed. However, I prefer Salon's selection of Dave Chapelle for next year.