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OK, the Friday (02-27-04) Karaoke report. I will try not to ramble too much. Again, if you need to know any code names, just drop me an e-mail.

[Mental note: I need a icon for karaoke/rockstar/rockin' out.]

RQ and I got there around eight and wolfed down some dinner. The place (My Way) started out busier than usual, and stayed busy all night. I think it was a combination of that and the different KJ (Kristal) that, uh, kept the song count down to some extent. Bill and Gayle (the people that own the karaoke company) were there as well. Did anyone else notice the sign on the door, mentioning some *other* karaoke group hosting there on Thursday nights?

I had fun, but was having an off night. Bill distracted me during my first song, and I didn't really remember the words to the second. Le sigh, woe is me. Next time!

And, as always, *please* mail me any corrections/additions/things I missed.

me: Elvis, "Suspicious Minds" [I always forget how many times the refrain repeats at the end...]
Dona Quixote: Cher, "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" [She decided against an all-Cher night. *This* time!]
Regent: Sheryl Crow, "The First Cut is the Deepest"
Spence & Ivy: Human League, "Don't You Love Me Baby" [!]
Spence: U2, "New Year's Day"
"Jenny" & "Amy": Third Eye Blind, "Semi-Charmed Life" [These were two friends of Spence who had shown up.]
Dona Quixote & me: Lita Ford (w/Ozzy Ozbourne) "Close My Eyes Forever" [Why is this my new favorite duet? Because she does all the work.*][Seriously, she was awesome. It didn't help that I had to keep from cracking up during this.]
Dona Quixote: Heart, "Barracuda"
Regent: Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler" [!!]
Baldur & Dona Quixote: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow, "Picture"
Red Queen: Madonna, "Frozen"
"Rebecca": Jefferson Airplane, "White Rabbit" [!]
Ivy: Sheryl Crow, "If It Makes You Happy" [Wow, it was a big Sheryl Crow night.]
Spence: Queen, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
Miss Scarlett: Dynamite Hack, "Boys in the Hood" [A late arrival!]
Baldur: Tom Jones, "It's Not Unusual"
me: Men Without Hats, "Safety Dance" [Tragically, Kermit didn't get up and dance to this.]
Regent: OK, I'm *really* not sure on my handwriting here, but I *believe* it was U2, "One"

Other notes:
TK did "Runaway" and damn him for it. Ditto someone else doing Neil Young's "Old Man."

Songs from the newest update that caught my eye:
Back in Black, Crazy Train, Electric Avenue, Hooked on a Feeling, Mad Season (wait, I think they already had that,) Rock You like a Hurricane, Symphony of Destruction [!!!],

Why haven't I done these songs yet?:
White Wedding, Eternal Flame, Thunder Rolls, Walk Like an Egyptian, Cats in the Cradle, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor...

[* - Standard joke: "But that's OK, because I do all the work... in bed."</small.]
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