PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel...

* Written and directed by Whedon, good start.
* Fred's parents, hey. Guess something awful is gonna happen to her.
* The cavemen vs. astronauts running joke? A treat!
* "No secrets in the house of pain." -Gunn
* OK, I'm no fanfic fan, but even I have to admit the writers are definitely upping the sexual innuendo between Spike and Angel.
* "You are my sunshine..." BAM. What did Lorne see when she sang?! Hardcore.
* Dude, Wes like totally shot that guy!
* Ooh, and they suspect Lindsey, keen.
* Let me note I am pro-White Room. OK, so the panther/EvilGunn is a representation of the conduit between him and the Senior Partners, which leaves open a couple other questions, but hey.
* Eve! Nice cameo.
* DUDE, Lorne like totally punched Eve.
* Old Ones, Deeper Well, notes being taken.
* OK, guys. I get is. Everyone loves Fred, and she's perfect and everyone loves her. Got the picture.
* "I worship it." Knox gets character development! Well, heh, for a minute there.
* Neither Spike nor Angel had been in a plane before? How did they get Angel to the sub in the 1943 episode then?
* You know what I always like seeing in these shows? Other Champions/other signs of the rest of the world. Like, this Renfest Champion in England, Drogan.
* Though, dude, just because you can't lie doesn't mean you have to be a dick about it.
* OK, the Well is pretty cool. And the Old Ones explanation is passable for now. But let me just note, this is the third Evil Goddess from Beyond Time and Space that Whedon has brought to the table.
* See, this is Sensitive Turtleneck Wesley, not Cool Evil Well-Dressed Wesley.
* Leeloo Dallas Multipass!

"There's a hole in the world. Feel's like we should have known." -Spike

See, in days before the intar-web, this is the kind of thing I would have been tempted to do by hand. Luckily, now there's a lot more motivated geeks out there with more free time, compiling such awesomeness as a timeline of the Buffy/Angel Whedonverse! [Note: if nothing else, check out 1974.]

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