PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was dinner with JubJub at one of those sports bars with the trivia machine. I will confess it was pretty fun, but I kind of rushed through eating my otherwise tasty food, since the trivia was fast-paced and fun! If I do it again, it'll be after my meal. Afterward, we hit the Blockbuster near her, of which I am very jealous. They had a *huge* selection of used DVDs, 2 for $20. I could have easily gotten $180 worth, but I restricted myself to 6 picks. Sigh. Then, back to her place to watch Intolerable Cruelty. While not my favorite Coen brothers movie, it was definitely big fun.

Other good news: Punisher will be rated R. Whew. Was so worried they would pull their punch and go for PG-13.

Huh. An actual review of Gibson's Passion.

MSN presents their top ten modern cancelled TV shows.

Take a sneak peek at some upcoming TV pilots.

Also, haw haw!

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