PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Dropping the news bomb

On this day in 1942, the Voice of America went on the air for the first time.
Happy birthday to Abe Vigoda, who turns 83 today, and Billy Zane, who turns 38.

Huh. Putin just sacked his prime minister and cabinet.

Bush unveils his re-election platform and their global AIDS plan.

Oh, wow. White House's economic forecasts have been consistently off, for *years*. And the IRS doesn't agree with Bush's claims about who really benefited from the tax cuts.

* EU works to curb migration within its borders.
* Once again, I sure am glad we have countries like Uzbekistan as our allies. And Saudi Arabia too, while I am at it. (Warning: both kinda gross.)
* And things are still messed up in the Congo. (Warning: also gross.)

* No space for human rights groups at Gitmo, sorry.
* CIA had hijacker data long before 9/11. [Again, showing this was a problem of data interpretation, not lack of data.]
* Supreme Court to hear two key deportation cases.
* Pentagon opens criminal inquiry into Halliburton pricing.
* Four big-city mayors don't want Congress to make the gun industry immune to litigation.
* Another look at... Dan Quayle.
* One year later, and Homeland Security still doens't mean much to the average citizen. [Color me unsurprised. I mean, "terrorism" is too vague a word for the wide variety of forms it can take, and preparing for an unknown threat is kind of tricky. But I digress.]

* Taking another look at free trade in the modern world.
* Greenspan, you're starting to worry me here.
* Federal regulators take a second shot at banning ads aimed at kids.

* Some facts about the morning-after pill.
* Engineered crop DNA found in non-engineered crops. That ain't good.
* Johnny Depp wins SAG award.
* Working to save the secret Chinese script for women.

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