PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

City of God was really, really impressive. It's literally epic on a whole different scale than I was used to. Finding out how closly it followed actual events only improve the film. And yes, parts were really hard to watch, considering the subject material, but they were counterbalanced by parts that were actually rather funny. Definitely find the time to catch this in theaters, you'll thank me afterwards.

We also saw a few new trailers:
* Jersey Girl - Kevin Smith, you are one weird cookie. This might be too light-hearted for me. Also interesting, J-Lo isn't even spotted in the trailer.
* Laws of Attraction - May-be. I'd have to hear reviews saying how great it is, because it looks pretty gimmicky. Decent cast though.
* The Dreamers - This looks *interesting*, in a Y Tu Mama Tambien way. And by that I mean, foreign and dirty. But, it's Bertolucci, and being pitched towards cinema aficionados, so hey.
* Kill Bill Volume 2 - Just a teaser trailer (as RQ pointed out, we didn't even see any gore) but I think it's safe to say this got the most buzz from the audience. Not soon enough!

Caught Catch me If You Can while painting yesterday. It was OK, not very exciting. Had the performances not been so good, it would be completely forgettable. Now, it's just mostly forgettable. :} Christopher Walken deserved a nomination for it, because he like totally didn't shoot anyone in the movie.

Did I mention how great last week's Stargate SG-1 was? Total surprise there. And Teen Titans was good too, but really, how can you follow up a Killer Moth/Prom episode?

Saturday was big fun at zhe partay fete for Operative X. Got to finally meet angela_la_la and a couple other new cool people.

What else is new? Getting ready for gaming convention on Saturday. Also, last night over dinner we did some vague planning for the trip to Seattle at the end of next month. Flying cross-country with a bebe: logistical nightmare.

Now, the question is, who would be interested in dinner before the kara-oke on Friday? I'm leaning El Charro here. Lemme know.

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