PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Bush once again goes for a backroom recess appointment on Friday afternoon to get an otherwise unconfirmable judge on the bench. Post editorial takes him to task for it.
* Details emerge about the secret hunt for Bin Laden in the 90's.
* Modern gerrymandering threatens to make our elections pointless.
* Veterans debate the role of Vietnam service in the current election. It remains a double-edged sword.
* Schwarzenegger says gay marriage in San Francisco is "an imminent risk to civil order."
* David Brooks looks behind the mirror at election year for a candidate.
* Concern over possible damage from low-level magnetic fields.
* Well, duh: companies ignore kids-only internet domain.
* How women are reshaping the sex industry to their own desires.
* Debating two doomsday scenarios: big rip vs. big crunch.

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