PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Bad things I have told my baby recently:
1.) There are gold doubloons hidden in the bottom of the trashcan.
2.) Cat food is the tastiest.
3.) The cat likes surprise hugs.

Hottest gaming newz: Paranoia returns! (Courtesy Magistrate.) Even before Shadowrun, Paranoia was one of my first loves.

Let's see, what else. Another random e-mail from a friend from high school (self-reminder: reply tomorrow.) Tonight was some highly successful larp planning, most of the rules-stuff is out of the way now. And I should note Tuesday was a fine dinner at the lovely Pasta Plus with Operative X and Lemon Russ.

Tomorrow night, I bebesit while my baby's momma hits a girl's night thingy. If anyone's interested in hanging out, drop me a line, I'll be at home all night.
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