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On this day in 1945, during World War II, some 30,000 U.S. Marines landed on Iwo Jima, where they began a month-long battle to seize control of the island from Japanese forces.

Must read: Bill Maher's "Valentine's Day, that great state holiday." (Courtesy Callico.)

Two goofy additions: Your new LJ icon of the day, and some Edwards campaign posters.

Influential scientists agree: the administration is distorting scientific fact to fit its purposes.

Military families question the increased rate of suicide of people serving in Iraq.

FEC moves to regulate groups that oppose Bush. But yet, advocacy groups are allowed to raise unlimited funds.

* Non-profit group sells access to Ehrlich, and it's legal?
* More states reject "No Child Left Behind."
* Thomas Friedman, on how the ouster of Hussein opened the door to discussion of political reform in the Arab world.
* Well, duh: Bush's push for democracy in Iraq is more a push for him to get re-elected.
* Nuclear proliferation trail leads to Europe.
* China warns Hong Kong against direct elections.
* Tom Brokaw has a plan for civilian programs to help Afghanistan.
* Why Dean's failure wasn't a surprise to Vermonters.
* Library of Congress putting veterans' stories online.
* Japan's cellphone-obsessed culture may be a mirror for our future.
* Kevin Smith to write and direct The Green Hornet.
* Why would you actually *want* to know more about prostitution in Frederick, MD?

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