PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Angel: "Smile Time!"

* Two minutes after I make a Joker reference, the show does too. Call me Mr. Target Demographic.
* I like how Fred and Knox didn't have anything after all.
* Werewolf girl returns!
* Can't Angel just have a girlfriend without it being A Moment of Pure Happiness?
* Man, it cracks me up just hearing Wes say "the ladies." Also, elt me know the show is already cool and we don't even have a Puppet Angel yet.
* Angel, if the sign on the door says DON'T maybe you should be a little cautious...
* "You... shouldn't... be... here..."
* "Oh, there's a problem."
* Hee. Puppet cancer. Proportionate excitability.
* You know, the puppet effect is actually pretty good.
* Puppet hand in the guy's back? Just Not Right.
* Gunn losing it, nice. Senior Partners losing faith in him, or something else? Also, love the 'gave him meaning' part. He *had* meaning before, too.
* Best fight scene evar. And I admit it, a really good episode, despite the all-puppet-on-puppet action.

"I'm gonna tear you a new puppet hole, bitch."

Next week: Fred is dying. Written and directed by Joss.

"It's a great episode, which makes the news that WB is canceling the show that much harder to take. Still, you can't blame the network. It has to make room for the next Tarzan, Birds of Prey or Fearless — or, even better, for yet another attempt to clone Dawson's Creek."
-Robert Bianco

And it turns out Mr. Whedon will be writing a new X-men comic. Color me interested.

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