PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

BBC wonders: how did we get so cynical? (This also contains my new favorite picture.)

Speaking of which: astronomers find a new way the universe might end. Yay!

* Analysis: Kerry's got it sewn up, but things could change.
* Campaign getting dirty early.
* BBC reports on 'Christian soldiers' for Bush.
* Is Iraq slipping into a civil war? Heck, Haiti is already there, but no one seems to care.
* Paul Krugman shows the avenue of attack on health care issues.
* David Brooks takes on the common perceptions of the Democrats.
* DC's criminal subculture.
* Virginia politics get even sneakier. Meanwhile, the former VA governor takes on the lies of the new governor.
* Disney rejects initial ComCast bid.
* Hubble detects farthest object evar.
* Norse map or German hoax?
* Hellooo, cyberpunk: next up for cheating athletes: genetic modification

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