PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Catching up...

Friday, got the news our company has been bought by XO Communications. Like I have been telling everyone else who asked 'is this good news or bad?' ask me in six months. But hey, sounds like I will be working for at least six more months, so step in the right direction and all.

Friday night, hit Adams Morgan for Rory's b-day. First, a surprisingly tasty meal of crepes (they're not just for breakfast anymore!) Thereafter, a couple drinks at Madam's Organ, which was relatively crowded but WAY TOO LOUD. After a while of trying to hear conversation, RQ and I snuck over to Tryst to try and find room for people over there instead. No real luck, things broke up soon thereafter.

Saturday morning, sealed-box Heroclix tournament at Dream Wizards. I won fellowship! (Which is the nice-guy prize.) Was big fun chatting up other big HC fans. Oh, and Goblin made it into the finals!

Then, early dinner at Tara Thai (mmmm) at which a certain ebeb was a bit of a hassle. We hit Barnes & Noble afterward, but after wandering for a bit and being shocked by the prices, went home and watched Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD.

And Teen Titans last night? Rocked by socks off.

Oh, Thursday, we watched Once Upon A Time In The West. I hadn't seen it in over ten years, so I had forgotten a.) how long it was, and b.) how much like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly it was. However, any time you get to see Henry Fonda shoot fleeing children is a good time.

Busy busy week approaching.
Monday - The club of books, at my place. (Taping Witch Hunter Robin on Cartoon Network.)
Tuesday - Imamadan dinner celebration!
Wednesday - TV :}
Thursday - Uh, Mage planning, I think.
Friday - Sitting on bebe.
Saturday - Two parties! Though I think I will only be at one.
Sunday - City of God?

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