PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Police state much? Guantanamo detentions could last *years*.

Majority of Americans believe Bush is lying.

"It is in the highest order of civic responsibility when you see a law that does not treat your citizens equally to make a stand."
-Kate Kendell

"Demand for breast implants and lifts rose 584 percent in the last decade - a higher increase than any other cosmetic surgery, ahead even of slimming procedures like liposuction (up 333 percent) and tummy tucks (up 392 percent)."
-Jessica Seigel

Joel Achenbach asks, is DC ready to get Ugly?

* Israel won't go to the World Court to defend its wall. Here's a good BBC FAQ about the Israeli wall.
* OK, now the Russian candidate says he was kidnapped.

* Ashcroft, you ass.
* Trade deficit hits record new high.
* Questions over the Homeland Security budget.
* Interesting symbol for death penalty questions.

* Bush releases more, but won't release full military records.
* Paul Krugman on the real man behind the office of the Presidency.
* Bob Herbert says that Bush's treatment of his Guard duties show what he is really like.

* The Comcast/Disney merger talks causes ripples throughout the linked media industry.
* How big will these steroid charges be?
* This just in: when you're thirsty, drink. Also, too much salt is bad.

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