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My new cd player smells like ace bandages, which always makes me think of mummies for obvious reasons. Ergo, my new CD player smells like mummies.

No roommate, ergo no furniture, ergo, lots of folding chairs and temporary setups around the house. Verra strange. Still getting used to the house, but thanks to the Big Seattle Trip, there's enough stuff being rushed that I can put off re-moving-in until mid-July.

Last week was lots of little updates, ergo today you get inundated with many, many news links. First, for snidegrrl, I present the law enforcement power of the PDA. I'm no fan of Mitnick, but this article shows how much power a hacker has these days. Here's an opinion piece on privacy in the face of technology. To go with the technology theme, more moral and privacy questions about lying. BookKlub readers will be especially irritated by the Afghan Cabinet getting off to the wrong, wrong start. And finally, you know how the more someone uses a word, the less it means to the listener? I wish certain people would figure that out as well.

URL: the best news of the day
MP3: the Sisters of Mercy, "Heartland"
Quote: "I got in everyone's hostile little face. Yes, these are bruises from fighting. Yes, I'm comfortable with that. I am enlightened." -Fight Club

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