PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, I'm driving out to VA to dine and watch some more Ultraviolet with JubJub last night. NPR is hip deep in its Pledge Week/Month, so I'm not listening. Just gets annoying listening to them pimp every five minutes. Station-surfing it is.

I flip to 99.5 (heh) and Evanescence is playing. Oooh, I like them. And it reminds me how "young" and "hip" I am, since I (accidentally) picked up their album, which is the first time I can remember I had an album for a band that was topping the pop charts AT THAT VERY MOMENT. That's how in touch I am with the "street." Also, I am easily amused.

So the next song comes on, and it's a little goofy, but pretty cool. "Toxic" or something, I don't recognize the singer. Turns out it's by... Britney Spears. Sigh. There goes my (imaginary) street cred.

Luckily, thereafter I flip around some more and hear not only "Mustang Sally" but also Orgy's "Blue Monday." Both of which tell me, time to get back to kara-oke STAT.

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