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Comic book and science fiction legend Julie Schwartz passed away early Sunday morning.

Link to a post in Agent Dieter's LJ, with interesting photography links, including color photos from czarist Russia. No, really, it's awesome.

OK, so the mall was Crazy Busy on Saturday night, I have no idea why. But RQ and I caught The Big Bounce at the Muvico. The movie was, uh, good, but not great. Amusing, but ultimately forgettable. The interesting part is how heavily it seems to have been edited.

Also watched this weekend, other than a passel of Homicide episodes (including the Steve Buscemi episode!):
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters - Amusing wire fu, but a little disjointed. Will have to watch the subtitled version next time.
Fatherland - As good as I remember it. Though the alternate history stuff was better than I remember. President Kennedy Sr.!

Notes on the new Batman animated series in the works. Sort of a post-Year One thing going on.

Now, here's a four page preview of the "Hellboy: Art of the Movie" book. And an interesting promo pic from Van Helsing.

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