PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Must read: the Tenet flashback, and the depth of the intelligence problem.

Nicholas Kristof brings up an intelligence failure that almost brought us to World War Three... in 1981.

* Bush appoints bipartisan commission to investigate intelligence debacle.
* Interesting Q&A on the Mass. marriage ruling (courtesy Operative X.)
* Straight Dope looks at how the US prison population stacks up against the world.
* Clark at odds with Clinton over Kosovo.
* Local news: who was raising funds to back Ehrlich's push for slots?
* Meanwhile: gay animals.
* Medical journal hits a wall with its marketing department.
* BBC column on why video games aren't responsible for violence.
* Requiem for the record store, strangled by downloaders and discounters.
* The porn industry takes on digital pirates.

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