PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tutwiler testifies US public image overseas will take years to repair. Thanks, Mr. Bush! Speaking of, let's catch the world opinion roundup.

* Tenet reports analysts never said Iraq was an imminent threat.
* New device removes blood clots from stroke victims.
* Understanding how the Library of Congress picks movies to be national treasures.
* Spalding Gray, still missing.
* You know, hearing they canceled Playmakers due to NFL pressure kinda makes me want to see it more.
* The honeymoon is over, and Disney and Pixar take off the kid gloves.
* Man, the names used in spam mails are getting goofy.

"Like something in a B-horror flick, Janet Jackson's radioactive right breast has morphed into the monster that's eating Hollywood."
-Lisa de Moraes

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