PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Wow. How many awesome episodes of Angel can we have in a row?

* Gunn doesn't want to leave, nice.
* Well, there's Cordelia, let's hope this doesn't suck too much.
* Yay Archduke's toady cameo!
* Reunion with Harmony, man. "So, how was the coma?"
* Oh, OK. So they just don't remember Conner specifically. Weird, but that's fine. I'd think that would leave some holes there, but hey. I really wish this thing was spelled out more or something. And by this, I still mean, doesn't Wesley wonder about the scar on his neck?
* Hee hee, deal with the devil.
* Original Doyle commercial, nice touch.
* 'Spike's a hero now.' 'Spike who?'
* And you know, seeing this with Cordelia coming up to speed on things, Angel has kinda changed. It may have been a bit sudden, but it is there.
* Wait, Lindsey wants Wolfram & Hart?
* OooOooh, the Enochian protection runes hide Lindsey from cameras too, suh-weet.
* OMG he's in the building! (And I love this hidden room.) (Even if it does look like a set out of Resident Evil.)
* "Mine's better!"
* OK, everything is breaking down in record speed here.
* Code 7! Failsafe plan!
* Harmony volunteering to torture Eve for the team. So, so gold.
* And for the fanfic-fangirls, there goes his shirt.
* Nepal. You know, same place Angel went when Buffy died, and oh, isn't that where Oz went too? (Courtesy RQ.)
* "I'm Angel. I beat the bad guys." Did he really just say that? Ugh.
* Wow, that pretty much seals up all the running plotlines, doesn't it. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was cool and all, but I was enjoying the creeping doom.
* Powers That Be owed her one, nice touch.
* Oh, dead. Ouch. Not unsurprising, but, man.
* Good writing for Cordelia, I have to admit. This could been bad, but instead, it was good!
* Next week: Flashback! 1943! Nazis! Subs! A slimming black turtleneck!

"All I did was beat up a tiny Texan." -Angel

"This has been a strong year for us. The response has been strong. The demos have been strong. We all feel really good. As for stories, I don't think we'll ever run out of stories to tell about these people. They're constantly changing. They're constantly shifting their alliances. And there's so much to say on the subject. Any good show is ultimately about people and people are endlessly fascinating."
-Joss Whedon

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