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Scrubs fans: the show is being moved to Tuesday soon. FYI.

* Sharon orders withdrawal of all settlers from Gaza. Well, he plans to. Let's see what really pans out.
* Must read: New budget shows Bush backpedaling. has a fine breakdown of budget changes by agency. Huh, who knew the EPA would take such a big hit. Not to mention HUD and the Justice Dept. Labor? Everyone's jobless, so it's no big deal.
* Speaking of backpedaling, let's talk about Bush and Iraqi intelligence. A year later, Powell's case on Iraqi arms is less impressive. And columnist William Raspberry calls him on it.
* Mass resignations by reformist lawmakers in Iran.
* New CDC poll shows smokers' ranks broken up by ethnicity.
* Seriously looking at the rumors surrounding nanotechnology.
* FDA weighs risks of kids' use of antidepressants.
* Frank Rich, on the real threat to the institution of marriage.
* A look at ten unchosen designs for the World Trade Center memorial.
* Looking inside what may be Bollywood's biggest year.

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