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Hmmm, are people to be clubbing this week? (I suppose I should contact The People I Keep Trying to Grab Dinner With, To Catch Up On Old Times, and see if they are so inclined.) There's also talk of The Kara-oke next week, in general. More details if it becomes specific.

No news links for a day or so, still catching up on things.


The brief weekend review, edited for non-larping types. I will of course go into excessive detail for larping types who might be interested to read such things, but after I catch up on business.

Left for the trip Friday afternoon, starting a little late, but not too painful (which turned out to be no problem, since I still got there an hour and a half before my erstwhile roommates. :) Having never been to Rehoboth before, I had no idea you had to drive through The Boonies to get there. I not only SAW Denton, which I was happily pretending didn't exist, I drove THROUGH and PAST Denton. This is like my worst nightmare, people. I'm an urban kid, or at the very least a suburban kid. Anyways.

Then, A Larp Occurred.

Ducked out an hour or so before the end of game Sunday, so I could make it home in time to make The Super Bowl (as my parents were showing up to babysit. Yay them!) Swung over to Agent Black and Holly Hobby's for the big game (as my parents got to my place at *6*, and Agent Black and Holly Hobby's was the closest party.) Saw many peoples, ate many snacks. Cheered on He Hate Me. Poor Panthers, so close, but yet so far. But hey, they broke a record.

Newest bad icon set idea: pictures of all my friends! It would just confuse the issue, really.

Newest quote that sums up why I love comic books: "Yes, and [Diablo] also fought Iron Man, after getting a job as a janitor at Stark Enterprises while he had amnesia."

Look, a quiz:

Better Hide Your Silverware Under The Ground!!!!!
Your Discordian Totem Animal is Glen The Paranoid
Pangolin. Complete Paranoia IS Total

Your Discordian Totem

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