PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Don't get me wrong, tonight was probably the best Smallville of the season so far. However, even that pales in the face of tonight's Angel...

Wow. Where to start?

* Man, I wish they hadn't given so much away with the trailers/commercials. Can you *imagine* this impact without knowing what we would cover tonight?
* First minute of the show: two beheadings, by BONESAW. Wowzah.
* Gunn defending Eve, interesting. Something the Senior Partners left in, or... maybe he's right?
* I loved Dana's drawings.
* OMG ANDREW'S TALE. *Wow.* He just summarized the whole slayer mythology, for the five people who watch Angel but didn't watch Buffy. *And* it's *damn funny.*
* Hee hee, bag lunch.
* Seriously, I've been laughing every time he talks.
* 82% more manly!
* I really want to start up a write-in campaign, to get them to film a miniseries of Xander in Africa.
* First, Andrew's tale of the vam-pire slayers. Now, he explains what happened to the characters from Buffy. I can't get over how cool this is. (People who have heard me go on about the final episode of Babylon 5 can see how this is up my alley.)
* Right, that other plot. Ooh, smearing blood on the wall to attract the vam-pire, very clever.
* (For a second, I thought she cut his legs off, and we'd get Spike in a wheelchair again.)
* (And then, for a second there, I was hoping he'd get an evil hand like Lindsey.)
* Double-crossed by Andrew, that's gotta sting.
* "Where do you think my orders came from?" Ouch!
* I'll try to care about the episode next week, but really, I will be missing Andrew already.

"Check the viewscreen, Uhura. I got twelve vam-pire slayers behind me and not one of them has ever dated you." -Andrew
Tags: tv, two-fisted tales
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