PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

This is the 18th anniversary of the Challenger tragedy.

* History says Kerry now has Democratic nomination all sewn up. Terry Neal answers five questions.
* Sistani's morality Q&A (courtesy a certain ventriloquist co-worker.)
* 9/11 commission wants more time, White House doesn't want to give it to them.
* Greenspan needs to stand up and start talking.
* Does the budget deficit matter for the economy? (Again, *why* does the BBC do better articles about our economy than domestic media does?)
* Schwarzenegger violated campaign finance laws.
* Progress in Turkey: can it be artificially duplicated elsewhere?
* British government clears its own name in Dr. Kelly's death; BBC chastised.
* Start feeling safer: Homeland Security Dept. to start issuing cyber-warnings about viruses and computer attacks.
* Good read: learning from the fog of failed Iraqi intelligence.
* Local news; PG approves Bowie development.
* Cold snap = global warming?
* Why be afraid of Mad Cow Disease when your home kitchen is already a disaster of illness-proportions waiting to happen.
* Studios plan to learn more on marketing from this year's Oscar nominees.
* Sexism, DDR and college: breaking new ground in reality TV.
* Reality TV - preparing us for the New World Order?
* Quick pic: Mask 2 update - Alan Cumming guest stars... as Loki.
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