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On this day in 1756, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. (Courtesy Falco.)

Here's the list of Oscar nominees. I'm discussing it in Regent's journal. But while I have your attention, here's why the Oscars were moved.

The BBC asks: is the United States an empire?

CBO reports deficit could reach *$3.5 trillion* if the Bush tax cuts are made permanent. Paul Krugman looks into the culprits.

"Make no mistake; President Bush is serious about the deficit."
-Treasury Secretary John Snow

* Supreme Court upholds Miranda. Whew. They also upheld the right to counsel.
* Cheney faces tough questions overseas. Tougher than he does over here, in fact. [Conspiracy buffs, go crazy: Cheney met with the pope without busting into flames.]
* Powell stands up to Russia.
* Preliminary report says yes, 9/11 could have been prevented.
* Meanwhile, White House may back away from Iraqi intelligence claims. Though, someone may wanna tell Cheney.
* Federal judge overturns part of the Patriot Act. Congress should go farther.
* How one psychiatric hospital is dealing with the wireless revolution.

"John Kerry's victory over Howard Dean has completely changed the presidential race around. Now instead of the rich white guy from Yale who lives in the White house facing off against the rich white guy from Yale who lives in Vermont, he may have to face the rich white guy from Yale who lives in Massachusetts. It's a whole different game."
-Jay Leno
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