PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

No, I'm pretty boring

State of the Union drinking game report (courtesy Magistrate.)

Dean proves how hardcore he is. (Courtesy Callico.)

Spider-man 2 pic: who's your daddy?

Turns out Wil Wheaton is a geek (courtesy Iceman.)

Like a book club, but with bacon. (Courtesy Operative X.)

SomethingAwful takes on LiveJournals (Not for the faint of heart: contains actual excerpts.)

Did I never write up Monday's Heroclix action? Well, here we go...


Only Goblin and Decore showed, so we (once again) went for the megabattle, 2 on 2, team of 200 points per person. We rolled randomly, I ended up on Goblin's side (we only threatened to turn on each other about twenty times.)

So, Goblin brought his rookie X-men, and teamed with my Black Power team (Black Cat, Black Panther, Black Manta, Black Canary, Black Widow and, uh, Black Paramedic.)

Decore took an X-villians team, led by Selene, and teamed with Red Queen's Anti-Bat team, all female, except Man-Bat, who (and I am not making this up) had on a wig RQ made for him/her (of yellow yarn.)

Long story short, indoor factory map. Battle was intense, but once Goblin and I got on a roll, we slid on into victory.

The highlight of the game was definitely the Duel to the Death between... Toad and Black Manta. No, seriously, it took like twenty turns, it was awesome (and the Manta prevailed!)

07:39:58 Magistrate: Doesn't [Goblin] always win?
07:40:13 me: yes, he (almost) always wins.
07:40:34 me: we discussed all three of us against he, but then if he had won anyways, it would have been embarrassing.
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