PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Steven W. Bailey, the actor playing the Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance in FOX's latest reality show, also played the Cave Demon who gave Spike his soul at the end of Buffy Season 6. He's also had a couple other walk-on roles on Angel.

Speaking of which, tonight's Angel...

How to kick off Boreanz's directorial debut?


"You can call me... Doyle."

Oh, my. We're just so clever we could cut ourselves.

Assorted notes:
* The head warlock is named Lucian Drake? L.a.m.e. I think they accidentally were investigating a larp.
* I love how Angel is tired of hearing the term 'shades of grey.'
* Spike has Angel's wrist stakes!
* Damnit, Eve's back.
* Have I mentioned how awesome Harmony is recently?
* "Thank you, Bear." Hee hee.
* Hey, is that Angel's old apartment, too?
* That was the awesomest cake evar. And the Blue Fairy!
* The best part is, Spike (and by extension Lindsey) are completely right about the MoG selling out. I mean, it's not subtle at all, but rather keen nonetheless.
* Ah, the tattoos hide him from Wolfram & Hart. I wonder how well.
* Whoah, Lorne Honky Tonk just used the word 'suss'!
* Man, Spike's gonna be pissed when he figures out what's going on.

So, relatively pleased. And now, total proof that when Whedon said this season would be more episodic and less big metaplot, he was just being a filthy, dirty liar. Not that I am complaining.

Next week: a Slayer! Then: Cordelia! Go ahead and spill it all ahead of time, preview guys.

"Well, look who's come to call: Crockett and Tubbs." -Spike

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