PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* The full text from the Post's State of the Union section.
*'s editorial "State of the Platform." The NYTimes has two, domestic and abroad.
* Justin Webb analyzes what was actually said, as does Todd Purdum. Meanwhile, Dan Froomkin lists what was missing.
* David von Drehle noted a reactive tone.
* Heh. BBC headline: "Democrats slam go-it-alone' Bush."
* Agent Dieter hit most of the points I was going to make in his journal.

* Taking another step backward, France may ban beards in schools next. WTF^^ mate?
* Sharon caught up in bribery scandal.
* Dr. Kelly's unseen interview about the Iraqi weapons.
* Jack Pritchard brings the secret news from North Korea, and new intelligence failures.
* Have our allies, the Saudi royal family, taken to kidnapping their own family members?

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