PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

A cartoon with zero carbs. (Courtesy Magistrate.)

Guerrilla marketing catching on.

Paul Krugman on the lies we'll her tonight in the State of the Union address.

David Brooks on the center of the Democratic hopefuls.

* Times editorial on "the Iowa surprise."
* Chess champ Kasparov leads a gang to take on Russian president Putin.
* Bush administration looks to cut housing vouchers.
* Better resources would help out violent schools, it turns out.
* What's worse than big-chain retailers? The empty stores they leave behind.
* Grand Canyon park workers bow to the demands of the religious right.
* Keen! The Straight Dope on Johnny Appleseed, hard cider and the apple in America.

"We've learned a lot about the Democratic Party over the past few weeks, culminating with the astounding Kerry and Edwards victories last night. We've learned that the Democratic Party is no longer primarily the party of union guys who want to restrict trade. We've learned that most Democrats are not really furious at -Washington Democrats.' They desperately want to remove Bush, but they are not haters. They're not out to punish everybody who voted for the Iraq war resolution."
-David Brooks

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