PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Happy birthday to John Carpenter, who turns 56 today.

Today's 'whoah, momma' pic is here.

Oh, I'm sorry Fish, but UPN cancelled Jake 2.0. I'll find a link for you later, if I can find a funny-enough one.

* Mexico awaits Hague ruling on 52 Mexican citizens on US death row.
* Iraqi women lose rights, thanks to our ruling council. Meanwhile, Afghans pull women singers from TV. Hey, we mostly liberated half the population, isn't that good enough?
* Bush power to circumvent the justice system challenged to Supreme Court.
* Administration to fight WHO plan to fight obesity. Yes, seroiusly.
* Fed agency that insures pensions has grown its debt by more than $8 billion in a single year.
* Turns out trickle-down economics still doesn't work.
* Good read: Gore on the constant deception and betrayal by Bush.
* How can the Democrats win? Core or center? Paul Krugman just wants a Democrat willing to call it like it is.
* Part three of Thomas Friedman's war of ideas.
* Supreme Court ready to test the checks and balances of government.
* Party lines getting fierce within Maryland government.
* MD universities forced to seek new sources of steady funding.
* Hee. World press pans 'Bush's Mars invasion.'
* Hubble looks farther than ever before.
* So, what if we planned a one-way trip to Mars?
* Recordings of first-hand accounts by freed slaves made available online.
* Dennis Miller's got another show coming out? Isn't there a phrase about throwing good money after bad?

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