PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Angel...

* Yay infomercial! Must download!
* Have I mentioned Harmony is probably my favorite part of the new season? AND NOW A WHOLE HARMONY EPISODE.
* "#1 Boss" mug, hee.
* Hey, they're dealing with Spike leaving, good, good.
* Gunn's demon languages, fine.
* Camel! Petting zoo joke!
* OK, am I supposed to be getting a big Cordelia vibe off Harmony here? I mean, they may have lifted some of this dialog straight out of season one.
* But at least Fred is talking to another girl. And huh, they don't mention Gunn as being a love interest.

"I'm really, really sorry, you guys. I totally wouldn't have hit you over the head and put you in the closet if I didn't have a really good reason." -Harmony

EDIT: Charisma Carpenter interview. (Contains spoilers.)

Interviewer: While we're talking about Cordelia, how did you feel about the Evil Cordelia/Connor storyline?
Charisma: I hated it. I hated it.
Tags: tv

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