PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was Big Fish. Enjoyed it a great deal, if you're at all interested, I definitely recommend seeing it in theaters, it's terribly visual and cool. Also, a small hint, pay attention to what's being said out loud and what you're seeing on the screen, and the differences between them.

And, trailers. Finally got to see the Spider-man 2 trailer. Doc Ock looks nice and spooky. Love the tentacles. I have no comment on Welcome to Mooseport aside from mentioning I still get a kick out of Gene Hackman. And 50 First Dates might be a guilty pleasure as well.

Played a game of Galaga before the movie and damn if my wrist doesn't still hurt. Chalk this onto the list of 'getting old.' I should enumerate this list before long, as it's been weighing on my mind as of recent.

Three football notes:
1.) I decided the Carolina Panthers are (is?) my third favorite team (Behind the Ravens and the Bengals.) Mainly because they have a decent mascot, they are still in the running :}, and they hired "He Hate Me." Oh, and I grew up in SC.
2.) Fucking sick of truck commercials every commercial break, guys.
3.) I am glad Green Bay is out of the picture. Why, you might ask? Because I'm tired of hearing about Favre's dead dad. Seriously, not ten minutes went by without a mention of how hard it's been on him and his family, etc. Just shut up guys. I was in a public place with some GB fans when Favre screwed up that pass that lost them the game, which is why I didn't shout "What's your dad saying about you in Heaven now, Brett?!?!?!" OK, done.

My blood pressure was up both times it was taken recently. My mom has high blood pressure, but my dad has low blood pressure, so I always counted on them to balance each other out. I guess it's time again for less salt and fried foods. Sigh.

I need more Heroclix in my life. Wait, I just need more gaming in my life. And by that, I mean free time.

Tonight, book club at Dona Quixote's.

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