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Happy birthday to Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, and Rob Zombie, who turn 53, 50, and 38 today, respectively.

* What the unemployment numbers are really saying (and really not saying.)

* "The author of the new book, Ron Suskind, told CBS that he had received documents from Mr O'Neill and others which showed that during Mr Bush's first 100 days in office his officials were already looking at military options to remove Saddam from power." [Here's the full transcript of the 60 Minutes interview.]

* "Under the [new] system, all travelers passing through a U.S. airport are to be scored with a number and a color that ranks their perceived threat to the aircraft. Another program that is to be introduced this year that seeks to speed frequent fliers through security lines in exchange for volunteering personal information to the government."

* In opposition to US, top Shiites demand direct elections.
* China making its controls over Hong Kong visible.
* So, Sharon opposes a separate Palestinian state, but also opposes giving the Palestinians equal votes in Israel. Nice.
* Thomas Friedman returns to the war of ideas.
* Christie Whitman, on how the alienation of the Republican moderates is bad news for everyone.
* Trends: families taking on more risks, while corporations and the government take on less.
* The DC primary could have been something great. Could have.
* Handmade artifacts of Soviet life.
* New questions on the nature of art raised by cave paintings.
* Good read: new book takes on what is ailing Hollywood. Is it the change of an era?

"The more we reject embarrassing big-ticket stunts like "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "Coupling," the riskier it becomes to produce bloated would-be crowd-pleasers chasing after a theoretically homogeneous crowd." -Frank Rich

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