PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oooh, surprise afternoon nap. For six hours. Huh.

Last night, Dona Quixote came over for some delivery Chinese and Cradle Will Rock. Pretty impressive films, lots of big names (like two Cusacks, Murray, Turturro...) playing big roles (like Hearst, Rockafeller, Welles...) Lots of keen stuff on the theater projects of the WPA era, the goals of art, and other weighty themes, bundled into a relatively enjoyable movie. Only thing I would have done is sped up the ending a little, but that's the kind of guy I am. DQ seemed to like it, so there.

But to make up for watching a good movie last night, I watched most of Masters of the Universe this afternoon on cable. Frank Langella? Courtney Cox? Man o man, it's like the Rocky Horror of our generation (thankfully, less people quote it though.)

OH. And. Started watching season three of Homicide recently and the actor playing the star investigative TV reporter? Tony Todd!
Tags: movies, tv

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