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Last night, hit the home base of Operative X, where Callico held a viewing of the fine ABC Family film Perfect Little Angels. It's hard to pick, but I think my favorite part was how, in a number of scenes, the music was turned way too loud, in that it was hard to hear what the actors were saying. Either that or Michael York's hypo-cane (think sword-cane, but with a hypodermic needle.) See, he's British, so he's evil.

Over the weekend, finally bit the bullet and watched Sorority Boys. It's pretty bad, but a couple funny bits snuck in there. (Many from watching Lex Luthor in a dress, falling down because of his high heels.) And the unexpected inspirational sports scene! However, some real terrifying moments as well. (PS-> Dona Quixote, this might go without saying, but this won't be your kind of movie.)

Also caught 25th Hour which was, um, OK, but long, and very Spike Lee. I didn't need *yet another* diatribe about how New York is better than every other city anywhere forever and all. I think it would have been a better movie without all the 9/11 references, which didn't seem to fit other than Mr. Lee getting something else to vent about. Also, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, impressive yet icky, all in one big buttery ball. He's like a Joe Don Baker of our generation, except he can act. Oh, and yes, that *was* Tony Siragusa! Did I mention the lame ending? Well, I just did.

Oh, and forgot to mention last week I saw the trailer for Miracle (the movie about the Americans beating the Russians in hockey.) And damn, if it won't deserve Best Costume for the hot, hot fashions.
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