PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

in the name of terror-defense confirmed. Meanwhile, journalists want more info on secret 9/11 detention case before Supreme Court.

Congress isn't doing its duty as a check and balance for government.

* Split over how to use special forces in 'war on terror.'
* Interesting. Kurdish region gets to keep special status.
* Who could have predicted the post-war problems in Iraq? Lots of people, it turns out.
* Afghan council approves new constitution.
* State budgets will continue to suffer.
* Imagine how much better our economy could be doing with Congress and the administration being responsible in their spending.
* The double-edged sword of the DC primary.
* Overseas reactions to new US security checks.
* The Euro turns five.
* Online music piracy dropped dramatically in 2003.
* Museum exhibitions balance preservation with authenticity.
* Published authors going after fanfic writers. Yeesh.

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