PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Go figure. Bush intends to balance the budget with domestic cuts.

* Rogue nuclear programs increasingly linked to Pakistan.
* Indonesia's secret civil war worries civil rights watchers.
* Journalists fighting back against Putin's control.
* Female Iraqi guards face insults and worse.
* Neat. Germany welcomed at D-Day ceremony.
* In response to our crazy anti-terror laws, Rio judge says visitors from the US must be fingerprinted and photographed. (Courtesy Iceman.) [Mistress Sassy also noted that this has been Brazil's policy for a while, to treat visitors like their home country treats Brazilians, which I adore.]

* Leaked memos display the politicization of the judicial nomination process.
* So, what is the Republican governing philosophy these days?

* Word stuff: studying uh and um in everyday speech.
* Oh, momma. (Courtesy, Magistrate.)
* Privacy vs. spam and spyware online.
* Straight Dope, on what language deaf people think.

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