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Friday night was a KARAOKE BLOWOUT at My Way in Laurel, to celebrate the birth of BadHand. I speak without fear of contradiction when I say it was an unparalleled success. We pretty much ruled the restaurant for the lion's share of the evening.

And this time, I can also present photographic evidence by the lovely Regent. I was considering linking the pictures to the songs (in all known cases) but then I realized that would be hard and I am not getting paid for this.

I think I've made up my mind, to bring my video camera next time, to get a tape of myself singing (and anyone else who wants the same. No, I won't tape anyone without them asking.)

As always, please correct me on any mistakes below.

Miss Scarlett - Sister Christian [Rockin' way to kick it off.]
[duet] Miss Scarlett & Holly Hobby - Time of your Life
BadHand - Fly Me to the Moon
Me - Romeo and Juliet [unfortunately, my timing was a little off, since I kept thinking the Indigo Girls version, but was singing with the Dire Straits version.]
Red Queen - Sweet Dreams
[duet] Voldo & Fermat - Let Me Go [by Cake]
BadHand - Travelin' Man [!]
Regent - You're A God [by Veritcal Horizon]
Spence - Take on Me [!] [Yes, by A-Ha. Yes, he hit the note.]
Ivy - Kiss Me Deadly [!!]
Miss Scarlett - Stray Cat Strut
Me - Rock Lobster [which may have rocked enough go onto my songs-to-keep-doing list.]
Red Queen - Beautiful Stranger [!]
[duet] Voldo & Troia - Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
Regent - Wonderwall [After some weird confusion.]
[duet] Spence & Troia - Run to the Hills [Yes, by Iron Maiden.]
Ivy - Vogue
Miss Scarlett - Wanted Dead or Alive
[duet] Kermit & Voldo - Video Killed the Radio Star
Me - Like a Virgin [As I was dared by Savannah. And dare I say, my turning it into the Marilyn Manson version worked relatively well. Enough to maybe also be added to the list.]
[duet] Miss Scarlett & Fermat - Jeremy [!]
BadHand - White Wedding [!]
[Here there was a musical interlude while our lovely KJ Laura took a break. She put in "Everybody Dance Now!" and lo, everybody danced. Now.]
Troia - Welcome to the Jungle [with some backup band assistance.]
Agent Dieter - Sunday Bloody Sunday [!]
Spence - Dirty Love [by Frank Zappa.]
Ivy - Love is a Battlefield
[duet] BadHand & Kermit - Soul Man
Baldur - It Takes Two [accompanied by his fly honeys, and a crazy chick doing the high part.]

Drops of Jupiter - KJ Laura
Don't Dream It's Over - "Susan" [She later did "These Boots Are Made For Walking."]
Last Dance - someone from the girls' table [There was a table of girls celebrating something in front of us.] [They also did "Lady Marmalade" and "Material Girl."]
Secret Agent Man - Dave [that bastard!]
The crazy chick who sang with Baldur was all over "Respect." hard-core.
Someone or other sang "Let's Stay Together" and BadHand asked me to slow-dance. Then he broke up with me.
Barry nailed "Everybody Hurts" followed by "Smoke on the Water" and Pink Floyd's "Hey You".
And, of course, Jamaican George did Shaggy's "Angel."

Quite frankly, everyone was awesome last night.

OK, I also owe Regent a second thanks, as I used her picture page to fill in some information gaps as well. Good lord, I am a dork about writing these things down.

Did I mention it was a weird Madonna night?
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