PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

It's just not right, I tell yah.

"There's something sick and broken in society. An establishment that keeps millions in economic slavery, seperated by hate. This must change. By fire. By force. Whatever it takes. The revolution is coming."
-Hoffman, The Brotherhood

I have always had this propensity for activism and optimism. I always blamed my mother for my hippie genes, though it's honestly a mix between her (in her first year or teaching, she took her students out to pick up trash on the first Earth Day) and my ex-military medical scientist dad (who despite other lessons, gave me and my sisters a fierce sense of independence and self-reliance.)

This, clearly, leads to my humidifier breaking.

Well, not directly. As winter is finally breaking here, and we have to start heating all the time, my room gets remarkably dry. So I bought a nice cheap humidifier last year, and it performed admirably in keeping me moist, like a toad. I dragged it down a couple days ago, to regain my amphibian-ness, but I don't think it's working.

So what is the obvious solution? Buy another one. Why? This one is probably not broken that much. It worked fine when I put it away last year. What could have broken while it was sitting away in a closet, untouched for half a year?

Our society doesn't fix things anymore. Repair bills for non-huge appliances are more expensive than replacing the appliance. The more I think about it, the more absurd it is. Is our economy so consumer driven that larger and larger things will become disposable? What about the starving children in Africa with no humidifiers of their own? Where are all these broken humidifiers going? I know our recycling programs aren't that good. Is there a graveyard of humidifieres in Utah* or something?

So, from my armchair, that's what's wrong with society today. I should be able to solve this and all society's woes tomorrow afternoon, just had to get this off my chest today.

(* - Since there's clearly nothing else in Utah, other than Mormons and salt.)
Tags: 2001, two-fisted tales

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