PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Brief Live Online correction: Bruce Campbell will be on *next Friday* at noon. The lovely Carolyn Hax is today at noon.

Aaannnddd, passed along by Latinate, Mr. Campbell will be at the Landmark in Bethesda next Friday to introduce Bubba Ho-Tep starting at the 7 pm show.

Project to get all new LJ icons for the new year has been pushed back, but soon, soon, my lovelies.

Dentist after work today. Hopefully won't be too intrusive, so I can still sing at the kara-oke! (Tonight at My Way in Laurel, to celebrate the birthday of BadHand, my karaoke arch-rival.)

Recently watched:

Finally finished Cowboy Bebop and man, worth the wait.

Also, watched Lost in La Mancha the other day. Fun, but tragic documentary. I will have nightmares about the giants. And man, if only the film had been completely. It was just literally doomed, cursed from day one.

Yesterday, while babysittin', also watched a Vincent Price classic, Master of the World. I think I liked it better when they stole the idea in a Batman Elseworlds, though. After dinner, painting and watching A Mighty Wind on DVD.

Oh, and saw Return of the King a second time. Still blathering to anyone willing to listen, there. In the past week I've also re-watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? twice. Because it still rules.

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