PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ah, classic Cecil, on Dungeons and Dragons.

* Ah. Al Qaeda links seen in conspiracy to assassinate top Saudi security officials and thusly destabilize the government. Guess we're not the only ones trying to reshape the Middle East.
* Musharraf's balancing act is getting tough. But, bad (nuclear) things could happen if he was ousted by radicals.
* World opinion calls for better relations between the US and Iran.
* Wait, rushing the new Iraqi security force isn't a good idea? Who knew!
* Paul Krugman on how the so-called economic upswing is more like a reality TV show for the average American.
* Right, but what about the Republicans running against Bush next year?
* Is hatred of the president sour grapes or a rational response?
* Hope you like the taste of mercury.
* The king of spam vows to carry on.
* A Marine's first-hand account of the 'velvet glove' at work in Iraq.
* FedEx buys Kinko's.
* Noted parapsychology author Berlitz dies.
Tags: gaming

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