PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 1170, Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.
Also, in 1890, the massacre at Wounded Knee took place, as US troops killed 300 Sioux Indians they were sent to disarm.

Hey, my dad knows this guy.

Why the US has problems selling itself abroad.

Analyzing the differences between Iraq and Vietnam.

* Bob Hebert on the grim implications of globalization on the American work force and the long-term economy.
* Good read: The secret draft: military not allowing people to leave when their time is up.
* Oh, Dean had his own secret energy panel. How very presidential of him.
* What's the biggest problem facing our leaders today? That's right. The stupid, stupid endangered species act.
* OnStar represents the fear of potential surveillance.
* Big chains make backroom deals to bring in music buyers, with exclusive deals.
* War over the future: the next generation of DVD technology is coming.
* Rough time getting into the NFL playoffs this year.

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