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No shortage of news links

Happy Boxing Day, foreigners!

Ah, year-end lists. Here's 2003's most daring TV. Also, David Pogue on who's been naughty and who's been nice in the tech industry this year.

Good read: what Paul Krugman wants for the new year in political reporting.

Virginia looks ready to raise their cigarette tax.

* British Mars probe falls silent.
* Musharraf to step down as army chief, good news for Pakistan. I'm sure it has nothing to do with either recent assassination attempt on his life.
* The year in review, for al-Qaeda.
* Letter from a West Bank resident on how the Israel wall is changing life there.
* Whew. Court blocks administration effort to relax pollution rules.
* It's not judicial activism, it's defending secular democracy.
* New book discussing the Iraq war as the 'American imperial dilemma.'
* Who's profiting off the war? Commercial airlines.
* Who benefits from federal farm subsidies? Industrial farms, not family farms.
* White-collar job outsourcing to foreign countries is the new large threat to American employment.
* Japanese budget and debt will rise at the nation gets older. Sound familiar?
* Army soldiers adding their own armor.
* says UUnet allows the most spammers onto its networks.
* The digital photography revolution isn't for everyone.
* You know what the NFL's problem is? All the guns.
* Straight Dope, on where closed-captioning comes from.
* Were Neanderthals more like us than originally suspected?
* Who topped concert earnings last year? Some guy named Springsteen. (Also, this non-touring tour thing fascinates me.)
* Broadway's money coming from 'jukebox musicals' more than original works.

"If the Broadway sound were the pop music of the day, which it used to be, it would sound like hip-hop, but I don't think anyone feels there's much of a Broadway audience for that at the moment."
-Jack Viertel

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